Social media training and strategy

social media trainingWinchester-based Eco German Kitchens hired Briscoe French PR in the Spring of 2017 to provide some social media training and consultancy for its staff.

As the leading specialist in Hampshire for high quality German kitchens the firm wanted to ensure its social media strategies were up to date and they were making the best use of all the channels available to them.

The brief

Eco German Kitchens wanted a refresh of its knowledge and use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest with easy to understand, layman’s language, tips and hands on guidance and support.

What we did

We arranged four half-day training sessions in the Eco German Kitchens showroom for each of the main four social media channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

We started each session with an audit of the company’s use of the channel – what was working and what was not, and where they could improve engagement with their existing and potential customers.

We then went back to basics on each platform, building confidence, knowledge and understanding of the best way each of them could be used to generate more awareness and, therefore, business leads for Eco German Kitchens.


Eco German Kitchens staff became much more confident and proficient in the use of each of the social media channels. A confused social media strategy was disentangled and some clarity and direction was provided for the business to develop.

Within a week of the completion of the training – and with their new found confidence on the channels – the company sold a high end luxury kitchen to a client who found them as a direct result of their social media activity.


Eco German Kitchens co-owner Sabine Searle said:

We were recommended to Briscoe French by our IT guy as we knew we needed a stronger presence on Social Media but did not quite know on how to achieve this.

After we booked our first session, Kevin and his team of experts first set up our existing Social Media accounts to look professional but also explained all the tools we could use and how end consumers would see this.

Through our sessions we got good explanations, extremely valuable advice and a good understanding on how Social Media works and on how to make it work for your own business.

What I especially appreciated was the fact that, before they came, they got their heads around our business and our product, and they understood what could be done.

We have now sold a few kitchens because of our Social Media activities, and we always find it very exciting when we look at the responses on a post.

Having said that, we will ask Kevin to come back to us, once we are ready to “perfect” our skills. After that we should be the “top notch”.

A big thank you to the Briscoe French Team.


If you want to know more about the social media training we can do for you and your business please get in touch with us for a chat.