Brands making the most of User Generated Content

October 18th, 2017

We have some bad news for you. No matter how good you might think you are at selling your company’s services, we guarantee that you are not as good as your best customer. While having a PR and marketing strategy in place is crucial for success, User Generated Content (UGC) can work wonders for your brand’s reputation. Here are some examples of companies that made the most of their dedicated customers.

Coca-Cola’s faithful fanbase: 

Share a Coke User Generated Content

Coca-cola is renowned for its creative marketing.

Coca-Cola is a global leader in effective marketing, and the brand often utilises content produced by its committed consumers. In fact, the brand’s official Facebook page originated as a fan-page created by two Coca-Cola lovers. In a more widely recognised effort, the popular #shareacoke campaign – which saw Coke bottles branded with some of the UK’s most popular names – lead to almost 30k tweets using the hashtag. The company took it a step further in 2014, asking teens to submit a video clip reflecting how they felt after taking a sip of Coke. The best of the bunch were then curated into an ad created entirely from fan-made video clips.

Walkers’ ‘Do Us A Flavour’: 

Walkers User Generated Content

Walkers’ lets its consumers make important choices.

A customer’s opinions are completely invaluable to a brand, so allowing them to be a part of the product development process was an extremely positive move for Walkers. The Do Us A Flavour campaign encourages consumers to submit suggestions for new crisp flavours, with the Nation going on to vote for its favourite flavours, which are produced for a limited time. This is a fantastic way for Walkers to find out exactly what its audience is looking for in a fun and creative way.

Three’s #HolidaySpam:

Three's User Generated Content campaign

Three considered the popularity of posting holiday snaps online in its campaign.

In a campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of Three’s Feel At Home roaming service, which allows customers to use their phones abroad for no extra fees, the mobile network provider developed the #HolidaySpam campaign. This played on the idea that social media users are forced to see others’ holiday snaps while they are away – for which Three apologised in a comical advert. The campaign encouraged the network’s customers to post snaps while abroad; emphasising that it really does work, and providing a bank of User Generated Content on social media.

To truly thrive, a business needs its consumers to be as engaged as possible. Whether posting images of your product, leaving reviews on your website, or engaging with your campaigns, every post works as a form of reassurance to potential clients that you are a trusted brand.

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By Sian Cooper

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