7 PR mistakes to detox from your 2018 public relations plan

January 2nd, 2018

Detox your 2018 public relations plan - avoid these 7 PR mistakesHow healthy is your public relations plan? If it’s looking as worn out as you felt after the office party then now’s the time for a detox. Left unchecked PR mistakes could become repetitional issues.

Here’s 7 mistakes to detox from your public relations activities in 2018:

1. Inconsistent voice and brand

Who are you and what do you do? These are important questions for any business owner to ask themselves. If you are not clear then neither will your customers be. Make sure you have a consistent voice across your different communications channels, whether you’re serious, light-hearted or reassuring. Also audit your visual brand. Do the images on your company website represent your services and audience? And is your logo used appropriately on all of your promotional literature? You want people to recognise your brand instantly.

2. Forgetting to write for your audience and channel

You may be a thermonuclear scientist with an IQ of 162 but is your audience? It’s important to adapt your writing style to make your PR materials accessible to the people you want to notice you. This doesn’t mean dumbing down. It might just involve a bit more explanation about why you are important. Also be conscious that writing a press release and drafting a blog post take different skills.

3. Posting bland content on social media

Getting your content noticed on social media is becoming more and more difficult. Creating vibrant tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram images that pop off the page as potential customers scroll is key to making them pause and read. Visual content like infographics, videos and 360 images will capture your audiences’ attention.

4. Making media relations faux pas

The world of news reporting has evolved as much as PR in the past decade. Getting your business’ stories in the media is just as important as it was in 2008 but the way you do it has changed. Gone are the days of sending a press release to your whole contacts list or picking up a phone to a journalist – they really don’t like this. Well researched and targeted pitches via email are the way forward.

5. Using the wrong social media for your business

Just as important as being on social media is using the right platforms. You will be wasting your time if your audience is elsewhere. Research where your customers hang out online. Spend time building a community. And test out new social media platforms as they emerge. Having a presence on each platform is handy but make sure you monitor your success and allocate your resources appropriately.

6. Missing out on new ways to promote your business

The ways in which you can reach and engage your audience are growing all the time thanks to the internet. New social media platforms and tools are being set up all the time, so make sure you are aware of the latest developments and how they might benefit your business. Online mentions and reviews are also a great way to spread the word about your business. Consider working with bloggers and digital influencers to reach your customers through them.

7. Not budgeting for social media

The days of social media marketing being free are long gone with platforms like Facebook pushing businesses to pay to reach their audiences. There are still a few ways to reach your customers organically (see mistake 2), but the most effective way is to stump up some cash. Make 2018 the year that you create a budget for social media.

If you would like help detoxing your 2018 public relations plan then get in touch with the PR, social media and media relations experts at Briscoe French.

By Claire Hall

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