Media Relations

Our trained journalists are experts in getting you noticed in newspapers, magazines and online on a regional, national and international level with managed media relations.

A winning combination of newsroom know-how and media expertise can secure you quality coverage on TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines and through online news sources used by your target audience.

We have contacts at every newspaper and magazine and a hotline to their news desks so if you have got a story to tell we can get you the platform to tell it.

We’ll get your press release into print

Our journalism and media experience covers four decades – so we are perfectly placed to find the right words to tell your story in a way that publications love.

And it couldn’t be more important to get the third party endorsement that media coverage gives your brand – cutting through the noise to ensure your news is in the right place being seen by the right people at the right time.

Help writing newsworthy stories

One of the many challenges faced by organisations today is finding newsworthy stories that will build profile and communicate key brand messages.

We’ve always got our news radar on – and that means recognising the potential for media coverage from something a client is doing that might otherwise seem ordinary.

We’re always scanning the media horizon for stories as they break and using media intelligence to give us an insight into future sector-specific announcements helping to position your business as industry leaders and experts.

Forming relationships with the media

Our public relations experience means we have a great success rate selling in stories to print and digital publications, TV and radio outlets.

You’re looking for someone that can help get you into regional and trade press, set you up as guest speakers on TV and radio and we’ve got links to every media outlet in the UK.

Crisis media relations

At Briscoe French we are experienced in dealing with crisis media relations. From major incidents involving the emergency services, to unplanned business delays and matters affecting corporate reputation, we have dealt with organisations’ media response when the worst happens. Often the problem is no fault of the business so we help them get their side of the story across.

If you have a story to tell get in touch with us and we will help you tell it.