Media Training Courses

If you are looking for media training or a seminar on improving your social media engagement then we can tailor a course for you.

Our trainers bring their experience as practitioners in to the classroom to share the latest techniques and thinking for the benefit of you and your teams.

We run interactive courses on how to handle the media, writing for corporate documents or press releases, producing social media content and managing your reputation.

All our courses are bespoke – tailored for your specific needs and using real examples from your sector so that you can put the lessons learned into practice straight away.

While we can train small groups at our office we prefer to run the courses at your location where you can feel relaxed and ready to soak up the learning we provide.

Media training

Whether your executives need to brush up on their on-camera technique or the team need to practice handling a media onslaught, our training will give them the confidence to handle any eventuality.

With a professional TV news cameraman we will conduct one-to-one interviews on a routine event that might generate some coverage, or a crisis situation to see how they cope under pressure.

The practical follows a short classroom session where we will provide you with tips for interview success and techniques for handling difficult questions. Then we put that into practice.

You will get immediate feedback after the interviews and a copy of the footage to refer back to in the future.

While waiting for their turn on-camera other members of the team will be quizzed by our journalists as if being interviewed for a newspaper or a radio bulletin.

Whether you want your team members to speak confidently about their job when a camera is pointing at them or to know how to handle a media storm in the teeth of a crisis, our course will give them the boost they need.

Writing for digital

If your website is not being ranked by Google as high as you wish then the fault probably lies in the content.

Our writing for digital courses will lead you through the content production process from research through to publishing and look at practical ways that you can make a difference to your output.

We will cover writing for blog posts, digital reports, e-newsletters and website content in order to give you the tools to keep your website in tip-top condition and keep putting a smile on Google’s face.

Producing news releases

There’s an art to writing for newspapers and magazines and getting your news published – our journalists have been doing it for the past 30 years.

We will show you the best way to get a journalist’s attention on to your story and how to structure it so that it has the very best chance of being published.

We will also talk you through what makes a news story and how you can make sure your business is getting its fair share of coverage in trade magazines, newspapers, radio and TV.

We will also provide you with factsheets on the best way of telling your news stories.

Writing for social media

Learning the ropes of running social media platforms is the easy bit – coming up with interesting, entertaining and engaging content is harder. Our experts will show you how.

When you use social media you are publishing on behalf of your business – you have to be certain you are getting it right. Your reputation depends on it.

We will talk you through the best way to use whichever social media is most appropriate for your target audience – Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Flickr and so on.

You will know how they work. We will show you how to make them work for you.

We will also cover using sponsored and paid for content on social media and how you can make sure it hones in on a specific part of your audience.

Writing corporate documents and reports

Annual reports, board documents, brochures or leaflets – they all need to be wordsmithed in different ways and we can show you how.

We can talk you through some of the legal and legislative requirements of the content of some annual reports and we can show you how to make your brochures, newsletters and other corporate literature tell the best story for your business.

We will cover the importance of grammar, punctuation and spelling and guide you through the content creation process for the task at hand.

Our courses can be run over a full day, half day, or as bite-sized seminars over a period of time. The courses start from £650 +VAT for up to five delegates.

If you want to know more contact us and find out how we can produce the course you need when you need it.


We will tailor our courses to suit you. Here’s a selection of what we can offer: