I am the newest member of the Briscoe French team and as PR Pup my role is to reduce stress, encourage smiles as well as enforce screen breaks and healthy walks by the River Hamble for my colleagues.

As a Springer Spaniel I have boundless energy and encourage my colleagues to play tug of war at every opportunity. I am also partial to ear-scrunching, back-scratching and tummy-tickling.

Research has shown that employees like me boost morale and relieve stress when I am in the office – it was on the BBC website so it must be true.

As part of my team-building and morale development for the team we have “Quality Mabel Time” (QMT) every day where I am allowed free-reign of the office to play with everyone. It is exhausting but so worth it for all the tummy-tickles and chin scratches.

I officially welcome visitors with a waggy tail and, if they don’t mind, the occasional lick. I especially like to welcome the postman every day.

In my down time I might have a short nap to recharge any batteries for the next session of morale-boosting on my to-do list – I have a bed in the office for this purpose – or else I will try to lick cream cheese out of a Kong toy.

At the weekends I do my continuous professional development (CPD) – puppy training classes teach me how to behave and even to do a few tricks.

Away from work I like nothing better than charging through the countryside with my nose on the ground exploring the latest scent-sations across the south.